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Alpha Bravo Platoon Sling Navy

MRP ₹ 33,000.00 ₹ 24,750.00 (25%)

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color: NAVY
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  • Item code: 0232799NVY
  • Item Code UK: 0232799NVY
  • Alpha Bravo Platoon Sling Navy
  • Slings

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Tumi Tracer®

The Tumi Tracer® is an exclusive, complimentary program that helps reunite Tumi customers with their lost or stolen items. The core of the program is a unique 20-digit individual product number printed on a special metal plate that is permanently affixed to Tumi products. That number, along with the owner's contact information, is entered into our Tracer database when a bag is registered with us, and used to help aid in the recovery of lost or stolen items that are reported to us.


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